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The best part of working at Washington County is the team of caring, community-minded, and hard-working people I get to see every day.

- Erin Wardell,Principal Planner

I appreciate the professionalism of my co-workers and their dedication to providing quality infrastructure for the citizens of Washington County.

- Marla Vik,Senior Engineer

I have found everyone I work with to be very supportive, engaged and passionate about the work they do. People want to do well here, and they all do their part to provide excellent service to every person they encounter.

- Ken Schlegel,Emergency Management Coordinator

I’ve always wanted to work on projects that make a difference and LUT gave me that opportunity. I feel that I’m having a real impact on the people of Washington County.

- Ronaldo Del Rosario,Inspection Technician III

What’s it like working at Washington County?

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