Are you Washington County’s next Building Official?

Can you explain the importance of shear panels in seismic retrofitting to the average homeowner?

Are attention to detail, workflow and oversight important to you?

Are you both flexible and determined?

Will you be able to take a top-notch work team to the next level?

Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation (LUT) is hiring a new Building Official. This position has a leadership role in our Planning and Development Services Division. You’ll use your expertise in state codes; commercial, industrial and residential construction; permitting, code enforcement, accessibility regulations and structural analysis to help keep Washington County homes, businesses and industries structurally sound.

Are you ‘up to code?’

As the Building Official, we look to you to take the lead in code development. In collaboration with your team, you’ll draft code changes, and will then represent LUT before state legislative committees and national/international code bodies in support of those changes. You’ll also testify on our behalf in support or opposition to changes proposed by others. You’ll be in contact with everyone: property owners, architects, engineers, builders, elected officials and more as you oversee the review of complex or unique construction plans and inspections.

Lead our building section

As our next Building Official, you’ll be responsible for a team of top-notch inspectors, permit techs and plan reviewer. In addition to traditional supervisory duties, you identify, develop and oversee training programs for staff.  You’ll be responsible for preparing special reports and data summaries. You’ll be the point of contact for state and federal agencies in the event of a disaster or emergency, and will administer and coordinate the County Damage Assessment Program. You’ll participate in the budgetary process, including revenue and cost projections.

LUT’s Building Official will be:






Fiscally responsible




LUT’s Building Official will be able to:

Interpret plan specifications as they relate to construction in progress.

Supervise LUT’s inspection, enforcement and plans examination programs.

Prepare and administer a budget.

Maintain accurate and complete records.

Effectively manage staff.

Work effectively under pressure.

Provide oversight of quality assurance and quality control.

Maintain effective working relationships with staff and members of the public.

Proactively identify complex problems and develop effective solutions.

LUT’s Building Official will have:

Four years of experience in the architectural, structural engineering, building inspection or general construction field(s); AND

Four (4) years of experience in construction inspection that included overseeing inspection personnel

A bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Architecture or Construction Management; OR

An associate’s degree in Industrial Technology or Building Inspection Technology plus six years of experience; OR

Eight years of progressively responsible experience.

At least one year of experience as an architectural field inspector, construction supervisor, building code enforcement supervisor or building plans supervisor.

An Oregon Building Official Certification or be able to successfully pass the International Code Council Building Official/Legal Management exam within six months of hire.

An Oregon Inspector Certification, or be able to obtain one within six months of hire.

An Oregon driver’s license and an acceptable driving record, or be able to obtain an Oregon driver’s license within six months of hire.

Think you’re a good fit?

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