Definition of surveyor


one who determines and delineates the form, extent and position of (such as a tract of land) by taking linear and angular measurements and by applying the principles of geometry and trigonometry.

Washington County:

a leader, game changer and team player who not only measures the land, but determines and delineates the future of the Department of Land Use & Transportation, the County and its citizens.


We’re looking for someone to lead our 13-member survey team. As the County Surveyor you will be responsible for leading and supporting the Engineering and Construction Services Division’s road surveying, development review and public land corner programs.  You’ll be able to exercise your judgment in managing projects, supervising field crews and office staff and overseeing the preparation of deliverables.

You’ll also be responsible for planning, organizing and supervising survey operations including:

Plat approval


Acquisition of right-of-way

Remonumentation of Public Land Survey System (PLLS) corners

Coordination with professionals, technicians, contractors, stakeholders, agencies and citizens

Game changer

As the next County Surveyor, we’ll look to you to recommend innovative, visionary goals and objectives for your team. You’ll establish schedules and survey methods and will implement new policies and procedures to take your team to the next level.  Your responsibilities will include hiring and managing the survey team to ensure quality service to citizens of Washington County. This includes conducting  performance evaluations of professional, technical, and supervisory staff; disciplinary actions; conducting/facilitating staff training  and development; and fostering a cooperative team environment.

You will oversee the:

Remonumentation of PLSS corners as mandated by state law;

Interpretation of relevant state laws for projects including reviewing records and surveys for accuracy.

Processing and checking of subdivision, partition and condominium plats in accordance with state, county and city regulations. This includes the review of survey plats; making recommendations and approving plats pursuant to state laws.

Legal recording and indexing of all subdivision, partition and condominium plats and surveys.

Establishment and vacation of County roads; maintenance of county road records and the County addressing system.

Location and construction surveying, expansion of the County’s vertical control network, and

Surveying support to other Land Use and Transportation divisions.

Determining and
delineating our future

Our next County Surveyor will be:

An innovator, utilizing the latest technology and procedures

Able to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with people of diverse backgrounds, including the public, consultants, staff and coworkers.

Able to exercise independent judgment

A champion of high standards and top-quality work

Dedicated to exceptional service and results

Our next County Surveyor will have:

Outstanding personal communication skills

An objective and inclusive approach to problem solving

Well-developed decision-making skills

Strong management skills

A sense of humor

Our next County Surveyor will be experienced in:

Principles, practices and procedures of land surveying

Equipment, methods and techniques of land surveying

Knowledge of state, federal, and common law pertaining to land surveying.

Ability to supervise and implement a comprehensive surveying program.

Managing a broad range of survey projects and initiatives and the professionals, technicians, administration and consultants involved.

Think you’re a good fit?


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