Are you a GREAT graphic designer?

Do you get excited when Adobe Creative Cloud updates?

Can you use white space without fear?

Does “multitasker” appear on your resume?

Are your photographs worth a thousand words?


The Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation (LUT) Communications Team is looking for a GREAT graphic designer. We’re a seven-member group of creative people in need of someone who can take our words and ideas and give them life, color and identity. If you have the vision, creative spark and technical wizardry to take LUT to the next level, we want to meet you!


Our graphic designer provides the vision for how the public and staff view LUT. The graphic design of our print and digital materials reflect our programs, activities, goals and successes. Designs must have the power to educate, change, persuade and promote through print, web, video, social media and emerging technologies.

We need our visionary designer to do it all:  conceptualize, plan, design and prepare graphics to reinforce our messages and brand. Our GREAT graphic designer will visually communicate, attracting attention with a powerful impact to promote understanding and retention of information.

Creative spark

Our graphic designer is the one who ignites creativity in the Communications Team. We’re looking for someone with creative flair, originality and a strong visual sense. Planners and engineers use phrases like “multi-access regional transportation facility,” “Type III Plan Review” or “Target PCI.” It will be up to our graphics guru to make those words into images that make the incomprehensible both comprehensible and compelling.

Technical wizardry

Our graphic designer will be an Adobe Creative Cloud wizard.  Photography, computer skills, and knowledge of software applications, HTML, CMS platforms, javascript and print production are important. Familiarity with social media including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are a huge plus.

To be a successful graphic designer within our Communications Team, you will need to be:







To be an outstanding graphic designer within our Communications Team, you will need to have:

An outstanding eye for visual design

Strong communication skills

Familiarity with CMS

Ability to multitask and meet deadlines

Strong organizational skills

To be an efficient and challenged graphic designer within our Communications Team, your qualifications should include:

An Associate’s Degree in art, graphic arts, commercial arts or a related field; AND
Two years’ work experience in graphic design or graphic arts production using computer graphics software.

Think you’re a good fit?

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