We’re looking for someone to lead our dedicated team in our Operations and Maintenance (OPS) Division. The OPS manager leads more than 100 men and women committed to making sure that the entire traffic infrastructure in unincorporated Washington County is maintained safely, attractively and efficiently in the most cost-effective way possible. This encompasses more than 3,000 lane miles, 140 bridges, 3,000 culverts and 860 shoulder miles of ditches in both rural and urban areas.


Our OPS manager is responsible for all activities and administration of OPS. She/he enjoys substantial latitude and has a lot of discretion in helping to establish, implement and manage effective systems and procedures for LUT. Above all, the OPS manager is responsible for fostering an environment that utilizes staff, resources and state-of-the-art technology. Customer service is a priority.

Duties include:

Working with staff and other division managers to develop and implement street resurfacing and restoration, curb replacement, street maintenance, landscape and vegetation management, bridge and drainage maintenance /repair and other programs;

Mentoring, supervising, training and evaluating the performance of division supervisors and creating an environment that encourages staff to develop to their full potential;

Directing and assuming responsibility for the preparation of the annual division and special district budgets and ensuring efficient use of expenditures;

Overseeing OPS response and activities during weather emergencies;

Representing the County with officials of federal/state/local agencies and others to establish policies, programs, funding initiatives, cooperative agreements, contracts and more as related to operation and maintenance matters.

+ Vision = Success

Our next OPS manager will be:

A results-oriented visionary

Focused on the priorities, expectations and realities of the community

Successful as a steward of public assets

Knowledgeable and experienced in long- and short-term maintenance of streets, culverts and bridges

Experienced in emergency weather response procedures

Our next OPS manager will have:

Outstanding personal communication skills

The ability to communicate complex issues in a simplified manner

An objective and inclusive approach to problem solving

Well-developed decision-making skills

Vision to shape and implement strategic plans

Strong management skills

A sense of humor

Our next OPS manager will be experienced in:

Budget preparation that reflects division activities, projects and goals

Progressive, proactive and innovation program development, implementation and administration

Developing and maintaining strong teams

Championing high standards

Producing top-quality work

Providing exceptional service and results

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